Thursday, May 28, 2009


Another look based on a MAC face chart. This one is from the Style Warriors collection. So I haven't bought anything from the collection yet because we get gratis of some things from it (YAY!) so when I did it I didn't have anything from it. I used my 88 shimmer and 88 matte pallets to do this =) BUT when I went in to work my boss wanted to "bump it up a little bit." HAHA! Boy did she ever bump it up. I wish I had taken a picture before I washed it off =( Anyway, she added bright future to my lid and inner corner to my brow, then added vibrant grape to my outer corner/crease, then added even more purple under my eye. On my face she added solar riche bronzer all over, one of the lustre drops as a highlight, and the plumy blush as blush obviously. Holy cow it was a lot of makeup! Haha but I reallllly liked it. So anyway, here are the pictures of the look I did on YT =)