Friday, May 29, 2009

My first MAC face chart!!

So I just wanted to share this with all of you, at MAC we are required to do face charts and I did my first one yesterday at work. I am really proud of it. I know it isn't perfect and I definitely need to work on my technique, but I do love it! My boss left me to do it on my own while she went on break and when she came back she said "So how many blank ones did you go though?" I didn't really understand because I had only used one and I told her that. Her eyes got wide and she was so surprised! She said "usually I come back and find six crumpled ones in the trash, I'm really impressed!" So that really made me happy! I love doing face charts, I think its a challenge and a lot of fun! So (I know I say that a lot) here is the one I designed, its of the look I was wearing at work. I know the blush isn't even and the eyelashes are jacked up, but it's my first one! I can't wait to work on more! =)